College Friends

photoSteph at her graduation from Tufts

photoThis is one way to clean up some spilled sangria!

photoPaula and Derek drink up at Formal Cocoa

photo The always stylish George Cooley at Formal Cocoa.

photo The Class of '91 Sears Action Pose at Formal Cocoa

photo Blue-haired Jack and Jamie, wearing Gretcen's dress, at Formal Cocoa

photo Green-haired Jack and his girlfriend Katie at Formal Cocoa

photo The Class of '93 at Formal Cocoa

photo Gretchen and Noah

photo A friendly greeting from Cha and Amy-Amy (I'm not Amy-Amy)

photo Babes with gams

photo Christina and Jeff

photo Another picture of Christina and Jeff, taken in the summer of 1998.

photo My babes, Gretchen and Steph, during our weekend together in San Francisco, July 1998. We went white water rafting that weekend, but we never got the kick ass picture we ordered of ourselves.