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San Juan, Puerto Rico January and February 1998

San Juan

photo The view from my room at the Caribe Hilton

photo The view from El Morro, an old fort in Old San Juan

photo El Morro, as seen from another fort, San Cristobol. I really like the pink building.

photo Approaching El Morro

photo One of the gates in Old San Juan.

photo A rainbow. Not as cool as the one we saw while we were driving around trying to find the place we were supposed to work, but not bad.

photo A swan and I size up each other. The was a pond with swans, ducks and flamingoes at the hotel.

El Yunque

El Yunque is the only tropical rain forest in the US Forestry Service. My co-worker Steph and I spent two days hiking there when we weren't working. (We lucked out and got a holiday during our work week. Rough, I know.) I loved being there. All that green just got me pumped up. If you're ever in Puerto Rico, make sure you go.

photo One of the many lizards you'll see on your hike. Lest you wonder why we were hiking next to a guardrail, a boulder blocked the road leading to the trail heads, so we had to walk to get the forest

photo La Mina Falls

photo photo photoThe lucious green of El Yunque

photo Luquillo Beach, as seen from the Yokahu observation tower

photo What used to be a public pool, built in the 1930's by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

photo The falls, slightly off the beaten path, Steph and I went in.

photo Me, on the rocks near the falls. Crawling around this area made me really appreciate my feet.

photo I'm pumped to be standing on some rocks next to a waterfall.

photo Steph in the natural jacuzzi at the bottom of the falls.