31Jan 99 -It's Superbowl Sunday, and as I sort of watch the game and pay close attention to the commercials (I like football, but I find it hard to get passionate about it since my team, the Cleveland Browns, hasn't existed for the past few years. Next season will mark my return to the NFL. Don't go thinking I'm one of those dippy women who not only doesn't know anything about football, but giggles about it and gets set up on dates with football loving men, who explain it in a voice usually reserved for small children, and instead of slapping him for being such a condescending asshole, she coos, "Oooooooo, you're so smart." YACK!) I am reminded of one of my lifetime aspirations. (Not all of these aspiration are reasonably obtainable, but I figure it doesn't hurt to think about it, because you never know what might happen.) Anyway, what I would really like to do is have enough money to buy time during the Super Bowl to air a really graphic commericial about jock itch; the kind of ad that would already exist if women got jock itch. I'm sure you've seen enough yeast infection, feminine itch and constipation ads to get my point. I doubt it I'll ever have enough money to do this (certainly not working at my current job

Speaking of having enough money to buy ad time during the Super Bowl, Budwesier certainly has a crap load, doesn't it?