I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 Aug 98: For those of you who remember the Judy Blume book, Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret, no, I am not talking about my period. (I never understood why they were so psyched about the damn thing in that book.) I'm talking about the iMac. Yes, I am one of the few, the proud, the...Oh give me a break!!! Like borrowing some slogan from the Marine Corp even comes close to doing this baby justice. I mean, my God, this is one sweet machine. It's powerful, and beautiful, and small, and smart, and damn! you could say it's a lot like yours truly, which is probably why I like it so much :-) It's easy, too, but I'm not, so don't go making that leap, 'cause you're gonna fall in the creek,OK?

Excuse me if I seem a bit loopy, but I JUST GOT AN iMAC AND I'M FEELING INSANELY GREAT!!!!! You could even say I am downright giddy.

Getting this computer is almost as good as my beloved Indians winning the World Series, which, if things don't change, wont't happen this year. Man, have they been stinking up the place, kind of like the baby behind me whose diaper REALLY needs to be changed. (Yep, I'm on another plane. This time the "pure vegetarian" snack (Delta) had some butter-like substance on the sandwich. It definitely wasn't butter, but I'd bet the farm that it wasn't soy margarine, since most folks don't realize that margaine isn't vegan) so I passed.) The day I got my iMac may very well be the highlight of my year. Yes, I am a geek, and I am quite all right with that.

This is a first for me -my first new computer. My 7300/200, which was my first ever computer, purchased in January of this year, was a refurb. I sold it to the company I work for so I could buy my iMac. I still needed to buy a monitor for it (my buddy Jack was kind enough to loan me one in the meantime) so this worked out pretty well. I am so stoked. Not only do I have my first new computer (clap for me like that woman in the Saturn commercial), but I got it on the first day it was available. I am right there for the beginning. This is so sweet. Will this increase Apple's market share? God I hope so!

For those of you thinking about getting one, I'd say do it. Obviously, it's not for everyone, since it's not expandable, but for your basic home and office use, it's great. Heck, it even looks great! And I know it's stupid to get all excited about this, but the transparent power cord is tha bomb. A normal powercord just wouldn't cut it. It's easy to set up and takes almost no time at all to get on the internet. (Out of the box and surfing within five minutes for me, and it only took me that long because I had to fire up the 7300 to get my settings. If you don't have an account, it will set one up with Earthlink for you.

My only complaint is that the keyboard cable isn't long enough. I have a big computer desk with keyboard tray, and the cord is barely long enough to run under the desk and up to the computer, and I'm limited as to where I can put the machine on my desk because of this. Not a huge deal, but I'd like to be able to move my machine a little to the left.

Woohoo! I got an iMac. iMac2day