Furniture a go-go

16 Aug 98 Actually, this is a story about furinture that gets left behind, but "furniture a go-go" popped into my head and I liked it.

I've been in the same apartment for five years now, and my latest rooommate is in the process of moving in. I am shocked at how little he has, since I have a lot of stuff. I could easily fill the place with what I have right now, and it's not a tiny apartment. It's got two-and-a-half bedrooms, one bath, a big kitchen, diningroom, livingroom and an entry room. It's pretty big, although no one would mistake it for Buckingham Palace. He doesn't like a completely spartan existence, but he was able to transport everything in several trips with his Honda Civic. I know I am way past that. However, when I looked around my apartment, I was amazed to discover how little of the stuff I actually purchased. For example, in the livingroom, there are two chairs, a futon, a coffee table, TV stand, end table and a shelf. I bought none of it. It's all leftovers from former roommates or I acquired it when I worked in my dorm, and I got to take what people left behind. I didn't even buy my king-sized bed, because one of my roommates left that when she moved. This was a pretty big score. She got it for free from her boyfriend's frat. Some summer residents left it behind when they moved out and he gave it to her. I found out recently though that it was left outside and rained on. It hasn't made any difference, but I wonder if Gretch knew that when she got it.

Even though I have an entire house full of perfectly functional furniture, I'd like to buy some new stuff. Yeah, I'm a consumer. Is it so wrong to want your house to look nice?