Ramblin' Ronnie

During the day, Ronald Reagan is the President of the United States, but at night, Ron is transformed into a different man. He becomes Ramblin' Ronnie, professional wrestler.

No one on Capital Hill suspects that Ron is leading a secret life. He covers his tracks very well. Each night, a Ronald Reagan look-alike sneaks into the White House and Ron sneaks out. He then meets a makeup artist who transforms Ron so well he looks like he's thirty-five. I the beginning, Ramblin' Ronnie wrestled at cheap bars. One night, however, Lou Albano saw him wrestle and was really impressed. He immediately got Ron on the World Wrestling circuit. He made Ron one of the good guys of wrestling. Pretty soon, Ron had major victories under his belt over Rowdy Roddy Piper and King Kong Bundy. Rumor has it that he might team up with Hulk Hogan on a tag team. Recently, Ramblin' Ronnie announced his retirement. Wrestling fans world wide were grieved. The man who was such a leader in the wrestling circuit was leaving. They wanted to know what he was going to do next. Ron told them he would work at any job except politics.

Maybe Ramblin' Ronnie's retirement is for the best. Citizens and leaders of foreign countries probably wouldn't have high respect for Ron if they found out the truth. It could lead to his impeachment, and that would be a disastrous blow to wrestling fans: the man they loved, betrayed by those who had no respect for wrestling.

Written, for no apparent reason, during the first Reagan administration, age 11 or 12. Recently rediscovered.