Pix of Me

More recent pix of me can be found on my livejournal page and my baseball team's page.

photo Pictures from Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp, 2006

photo Blue-haired MIT grad and sister

photo My best friend Christina and myself dressed up for the B-52's concert during my green-and-pink-haired days. A rare moment when I wore a dress, but this is one hell of a dress.

photo Christina and me in her NYC apartment, in my green-haired days

photo Me, just a few weeks old, with a bear that predates Pierre.

photo Another baby picture.

photo Little firefighter.

photo Me, back in the ROTC days, wearing non-regulation footwear, with my friend Christina

photo A young Catholic's perspective on the crucifixion. This is a drawing I did in first grade.

photo My co-workers and me in the service bullpen.